Why do we offer Unlimited Revisions

for our rendering projects?






We do offer “unlimited revisions” – when other rendering companies limit the revisions, and will charge hundreds of dollars an hour for any revisions requested.

As part of our excellent service, we do provide “unlimited revisions” until you are satisfied with the results.
This special service from us is for you to get the most accurate render results as expected.
From the details, the lightings, and the most important is the feel of the rendering.



Why do we offer this service?


First of all, we want our clients be satisfied with the results and our service!

There is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. Our clients are the reasons why we are in this industry, and who we are now.


Second, producing the best results is important for our reputation too!

We of course want to showcase the best ones.​



Please note that the “unlimited revisions” is not applied for changing designs from the original design details provided at time of our agreement.

Therefore, it is important to have the final drawings and designs chosen before going into rendering so that the finished product is very close to what you need it to look like.


However, we always try to be very flexible to our clients to meet their goals, and to build a long and mutually successful relationship with our clients.



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