The Pervasive Virtual Reality




A picture speaks a thousand words but Virtual Reality would leave you speechless. The computer-based interactive technique of virtual reality is a stimulating experience. It sparks human’s sensory organs such as visual, auditory haptics and others. Beyond doubt, VR is summoning future in our day to day life since it can generate realistic images along with sounds, movement and enabling you to interact with the artificial world created in your environment. The technology of Virtual Reality has surpassed the experience of 3D technology because of its immersive experience, interactive environment, virtual walk-throughs, 3D architecture rendering, life-like animation and 360 view.



360-degree Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is embedded with 3D technology. It is an audio-visual stimulator that enhances the artificial environment to the extent that it looks very realistic. The 360-degree enables the professionals in the field of interior designing, construction, real estates, etc. to have a complete view of the entire premises in all directions. It will appear as if you are standing in the center of the room and can see every that surround you. The high-tech VR is trickling into varied activities and establishments, so how can the sphere of construction and architecture remain intangible. Real time rendering and VR go hand-in-hand since real time rendering is nothing but an interactive VR.

​​Real time rendering augments and manipulates the environment to meet your requirement. It facilitates and opens up opportunities to the interior designers, constructors and realtors to think out of the box and achieve high level of immersion.


Elevating the Prospects of Building Business

The uses of Virtual Reality is crossing the threshold of the world of entertainment and has emerged into the mainstream of construction, manufacturing, architectural framework, etc. Rendering has become increasingly crucial for product development. The tremendous benefits of VR have established jaw-dropping business advancement. In fact, it has proved to be a boon for interior designing industry, real estate industry, architectural enterprises, field of engineering and many more commercial businesses.​



Elimination of Errors

The panoramic view of the entire product or landscape can be viewed of the yet-to-be-built concept, thereby reducing the chances of errors. It facilitates engineers, designers, contractors, developers and artists to reshape, reframe, repair and address the problems even before they actually occur. It grants greater precision and unerring process of product creation.

Application of Virtual Reality in Interior Designing​

VR has made a phenomenal difference in the field of interior designing. It has aided in creating a virtual image of the functional space. Hand-made blueprints have been replaced by computer-generated VR images. Architects and constructers can visualize the barren land into a luxurious multiplex or an orphanage with the tool of 3D rendering. It has considerably reduces time, energy and effectively minimizes costs while space planning, construction management and execution of the design. VR is multifaceted tool that provides architectural rendering to the designers and builders.

Application of Virtual Reality in Home Decoration and Home Furnishing

VR has an inbuilt power to provide you with the rendering tool to change the color of your wall, texture of the carpet and also refurbish your floor tiles.  Combined with flexibility, VR allows spontaneous presentation of any interior with perfect photorealistic 3D rendering.  It would be like walking around in an interior that does not actually exist and altering the visuals with a click of a button to derive that aesthetic pleasure.

​​Real time rendering augments and manipulates the environment to meet your requirement. It facilitates and opens up opportunities to the interior designers, constructors and realtors to think out of the box and achieve high level of immersion.


Application of Virtual Reality in Real Estate Industry

The invasion of VR in real estate industry has contributed in escalation of sale of properties. VR has simplified the work of real estate agents as home buyers can have a virtual tour of the property they wish to purchase. It has reduced the hassle of agents and buyers to travel from one property to another and solved the problem of inter-state property purchase. The home-hunters could walk through from one room to another, to the backyard and the attic without any physical movement. With the help of VR, prospective buyers can get 360 view and animation rendering without leaving the comfort of their own homes. They can finalize their property purchase without physically visiting dozen of estates. This saves enormous time for both the buyer and the seller.

VR is undoubtedly a breakthrough technology which has enabled designers and engineers to view virtual prototypes prior to accessibility of that particular physical prototype. There is no escaping from immersive technology of VR. Hence, embracing VR would lead you to abundance of benefits.   



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